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    High standards in quality and safety.

Deep Frozen Fruit

Frozen fruits (raspberries, blackberries, plums) are produced in accordance with existing quality standards (IFS Food, GlobalGAP). Deep frozen fruits are calibrated, removed from any impurities and packed as a final product according to the standards and customers’ requirements. Total storage capacity is over 1,000 tons.
We can offer the following types of products:
Deep frozen raspberries
Deep frozen blackberries
Deep frozen plums
Deep frozen wild blueberry
Deep frozen apricot (cuted by hand)
Deep frozen sourcherry
Deep frozen strawberry

Cooperators who work with the company Drenovac doo receive a few instructions to avoid contamination of fruits before and during the harvest:

Plant protection and fertilization

Cooperators of company Drenovac Ltd., receive a unique program for the protection of fruit trees which is implemented according to the needs of the EU market, the US, Russia and Serbia. The program is designed according to the instructions of the professional services and is valid in these countries.
Every year, farmers receive protection program which is in line with the new laws.
The company DRENOVAC DOO is controlling each of the producers by taking samples and analyzing them at the beginning and in the middle of the fruit harvest. This year the company has done over 100 pesticides analysis and there were no non-conformities which is an indicator of successful training and knowledge in this field od expertise.
Fertilization of the fruit trees is based on the soil analysis. Agricultural producers receive instruction from the professional services and they are instructed how to take a sample for analysis. Based on the recommendations after the analysis has been done they are able to properly perform fertilisation of the fruit trees.

Other forms of protection against contamination of fruits

During the harvest, the agricultural field must be clean and neat. Agricultural producers must provide their seasonal workers with instructions about hygiene rules and procedures after the fruit harvest.
Water for irrigation and raspberry safety , which is located on the agricultural field must be in accordance with the quality policies of national legislation because it could be a major source of fruit contamination.
Agricultural producers receive plastic crates from our company which must be completely clean.
During the harvest, plastic crates must not be in direct contact with the soil, but producers have an obligation to use the special pads. During the harvest, the crates must not be loaded with any other impurities (grass, leaves, stones, etc.). The harvested fruits must be satisfying the quality policies (not containing any trace of mold, unripe, overripe, deformed fruits, etc).
During the transport, the vehicles such as tractor-trailers or automobiles must be clean.
Drenovac Company Ltd., according to the standards, has a detailed receiving control for fresh and frozen fruits.

After a successful completion of the process from the start untl the moment the goods enter into the freezing storage, the risk of the fruit contamination might still exist. By improving the HACCP system and the implementation of the IFS Food standard since 2014., the company has eliminated the risks of further fruit contamination.

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