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The municipality of Arilje sets over 348m2 of land and has around 20 000 citizens. The production of raspberries has been the main agricultural activity in this area since 1957. The raspberry fruit is the most important product in the agricultural economy in this are and it is grown on approximately 1500 hectares with around 15 000 tones of fruit harvest annually. Given the fact that this geographical area is mountainous with continental climate, it makes the land ideal for raspberry fruit growth.


Company of Drenovac doo was the initial certified for the geographical indication of ‘Ariljska malina’. The purpose for this was to differentiate the raspberry that is grown in this area in special and unique ways including specifically the raspberry species of Willamette and Meeker.
The geographical indication can be considered as a passport for raspberry fruit coming from the fields of Arilje and with it’s organic qualities offers a complete insight into the whole process of production from¬† field to the final customer. The quality and the safety of the raspberry fruit the is priority in our Company and we strive for preventing any kind of fraud or reexport from other regions or countries. Drenovac doo has a long term business cooperation with more than 150 agricultural producers who follow new regulations and rules and by doing so invest in health and safety of all of us.

The products portfolio from ‘Ariljska malina’ is diverse given the fact that the Company has 2 different lanes of production consisting of producing lyophilized fruits as well as deep frozen fruits



Drenovac doo gives special attention to the declaration of raspberry fruits with the geographical indication certificate. Every single declaration is followed by holographic stamp of ‘Republic of Serbia’ issued by The Institute for Manufacturing Banknotes and Coins in Belgrade.



Freeze dried raspberry with geographical origin "Raspberry from Arilje"

Whole fruit Crumble Powder


Deep frozen raspberry with geographical origin "Raspberry from Arilje"

IQF (all qualities) Crumble ( 2x laser sorted)  

Value chain/ benefits and synergies ,,Geografical origin”




Production of deep frozen raspberry crumble with geographical origin "Raspberry from Arilje"