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Freeze dried fruit

Freeze drying: What is it and how does it work?

Fruit is first frozen at -50 ° C to -60 ° C, and subsequently comes the removal of the moisture using the vacuum system inside the chamber. The process takes up to 40 hours. During the process, the ice turns by sublimation into the water vapor.

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How to perform the process of lyophilization?

The fruits used for the process of lyophilization is taken from the freezing chamber and transported to the processing chamber. On the working table in the processing chamber, the deeply frozen fruits are put on the stainless steel plates and equally arranged over the surface. After that, the door of the lyphilization machine are closed according to the thorough manual and the system is started. The expected time for performing the process of lyophilization is 30 to 40 hours which depends on the quantity, size and the type of the deeply frozen fruits. In the meanwhile, the vacuum, temperature and other values parameters are constantly monitored.


The processed freeze dried raspberry has its taste, smell, shape and form so that it looks as fresh. Freeze dried raspberry is easily kept and stored at room temperature and due to the fact that it is extemely light, it is very suitable for transport. After many years of research, the lyophilized raspberry proved to show the best results according to the human sense (of smell and taste).

Advantages and Disadvantages of the freeze dried fruits

Using the process of freeze drying, the contamination of the product is avoided due to the fact that, having 97% of the moisture isolated, the most of the bacteries and mold are not able to survive this process. The Freeze dried fruits are the best when consumed directly from the package but it is also an excellent food supplement for oatmeals, muesli, honey, different kinds of tea and also many other healthy food products.

The primary disadvantage is the high price. For initiation of this kind of production, huge investment in equipment and toilsome work are necessary. The obtained equipment for the process of freeze drying is very complex and it consists of several systems, so that it demands huge electric energy consumption in order to perform this process. These expenses are transferred to the utmost consumer, which makes freeze drying highly expensive by comparison with the other means of canning or freezing the fruits.


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