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About us

DRENOVAC Ltd. is a family company which began business since 1992 in the village Mirosaljci (Arilje, Western Serbia). The company is engaged in purchasing, processing and selling of deep frozen and freeze dried (lyophilized) fruit, which are the most frequent raspberry, blackberry, plum, strawberry and other fruit species. After a few years the company expanded capacity by building a new facility and also increased the range of its services. The current total storage capacity is more than 1000t.
Since 2012, a new fruit drying techonogy has been initiated-freeze drying (lyophilization). Fruits that are mosty freeze dried are the following: raspberries, strawberries, blackberries, blueberries, sour cherries, apricots, apples, aronia berries, and redcurrants. Recently, chocolate coating of freeze dried fruits using the finest high quality belgian chocolate, has been initiated. Using already mentioned procedures, the company reached the highest levels in the fields of production and processing and also it showed its strong willingness for innovations and further development.


Scientific professional service, high-quality management team and about 35 employees are constantly working on improving the operations of the company by monitoring and keeping up with the changes in the market, and by constantly being coached. The company is in cooperation with over a 100 agricultural producers that relies on a very good partnership and a long-term confidence when it comes to the quality of the product.

During last several years, on the markets of the EU, US, Russia and Serbia, precise rules that must be followed to ensure proper quality and product safety, have been defined. In accordance with that, the expert service and partners provide our agricultural producers with instructions for the protection and plant fertilization during cultivation, and hygiene during harvest, because these procedures represent the utmost level of significance for inspection.

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